Black Jack - Frame Straightening Machine

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Black Jack - Frame Straightening Machine


The Black Jack frame Straightening machine is durable, compact, offers versatility, and is safe to use.

Black Jack, buildS 3 and 5 pull, all hydraulic, drive on automotive frame repair machines, For Cars, trucks, even motorcycles are being repaired every day on their machine in over 500 body shops across the country.

Why choose the Black Jack Frame Machine?

  • It's made in the USA.
  • Unlike Car-O-Liner and Cheetah, the Black Jack provides 360 access to the vehicle.
  • Dynamic repair equipment that also makes general maintenance a breeze!
  • We train you in your shop! 
  • We give you Lifetime support from the Black Jack Team!

Schedule a demo and we'll come to your shop!
We'll do a live demonstration for your body shop. From Texas to California, the Black Jack beats 'em all, hands down. The Black Jack frame machine is durable, compact, offers versatility, and is safe to use. What else could you ask for?

Expert End to End Training Available
Black Jack Frames is the only manufacturer that offers expert training in your shop at the time of delivery with each of our frame machines.

Features of our frame machine include:

  • 12000 pound lift capacity
  • All hydraulic design
  • 360° access the vehicle on the frame
  • Fits in any standard sized body shop bay
  • Select from the 3 vector pull, 5 pull, or Super Jack
  • Roll around tool board with everything you'll need included