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Bottle Jacks

AFF 5650SD - 50 Ton Super Duty Air Assist Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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    AFF 5650SD 50 Ton Super Duty Air Assist Hydraulic Bottle Jack

    The AFF 5650SD Air/Hydraulic Bottle Jack, with its distinct red and black appearance, is an indispensable tool engineered for heavy lifting tasks. This jack boasts a substantial lifting capability of 50 tons and can be operated using both air and manual mechanisms, offering versatility across different working scenarios. The jack's height range, extending from a minimum of 11.80 inches to a maximum of 18.50 inches, along with a ram lift of 6.7 inches, makes it adept for diverse lifting requirements. The saddle, with a diameter of 1.8 inches, ensures a firm and secure contact with the load.

    In terms of design and functionality, the jack features a base that measures 9.65 inches in length and 7.09 inches in width, ensuring stability even on uneven ground. It comes with a two-piece handle, each part measuring 16.5 inches, which aids in easy handling and maneuverability. The fully welded oil reservoir, integrating the collar and base, is made from machined steel, enhancing the jack's durability. A cross head valve serves as the release mechanism, and the jack operates efficiently at an air pressure range of 90-150 PSI. With a weight of 85 lbs, it adheres to the ASME/PASE 2019 standards.

    Some notable features of the AFF 5650SD include its welded tank and frame, designed for optimal performance in challenging conditions and with off-center loads. The base is 1-1/8 inches thick, providing a reliable lifting platform on less than ideal surfaces. Safety is a key focus, with a high-strength steel ram and cylinder supported by an extended ram guide, ensuring stability in off-center loading situations. An internal release screw is incorporated as a safety feature to prevent accidental lowering. The air motor of the jack has been thoroughly tested for quality, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

    This bottle jack is well-suited for heavy-duty applications, meeting the high standards demanded in professional settings. It is an excellent choice for various industries, including automotive, construction, industrial, and agricultural sectors, offering a blend of strength, versatility, and safety.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • Enhanced performance in tough conditions thanks to its welded tank and frame.
    • The base is 1-1/8 inches thick, ensuring stability on uneven surfaces.
    • A longer ram guide supports the high-strength steel ram and cylinder for improved safety.
    • An internal release screw adds an extra layer of safety.
    • The air motor is rigorously tested for reliability.
    • Versatility in operation: Can be used manually or with air.
    • Includes a handle and a swiveling hose for ease of use.
    • Compliant with ASME 2019 standards.

    American Forge & Foundry is a Member of the SureWerx family

    WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals including lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


    • Model No: 5650SD
    • Color: Red/Black
    • Product Type: Bottle Jack
    • Capacity (T): 50 Ton
    • Power Type: Hydraulic
    • Operation Type: Air/Manual
    • Minimum Height (in.): 11.80"
    • Maximum Height (in.): 18.50"
    • Ram Lift (in.): 6.7"
    • Saddle Diameter: 1.8"
    • Base Length (in.): 9.65"
    • Base Width (in.): 7.09"
    • Handle Length (in.): 16.5"
    • Number of Handle Pieces: 2
    • Oil Reservoir Assembly: Fully Welded - Collar & Base
    • Base Type: Machined Steel
    • Release Type: Cross Head Valve
    • Working Air Pressure: 90-150 PSI
    • Duty Level: Super Duty
    • Weight (lb.): 85 Lbs.
    • Certification: ASME/PASE 2019



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    AFF 5650SD 50 Ton Super Duty Air Assist Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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