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Nitrogen Tire Inflation System

JDL Tech N2-Flow 6000 Nitrogen Tire Inflation System

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JDL Tech N2-Flow 6000 Nitrogen Tire Inflation System


Full Service for up to six tires with the push of a button. Generates it's own N2 using a unique PSA system ( no need to rent tanks). Just connect to shop air, select the desired tire pressure and Start Service.
Automatically deflate and fill tires with 2 using (2) purge cycles. Once
done, a buzzer will indicate the service is complete. Then, the onboard display shows the percentage of 2 in the tires.

Smaller, Lighter, Faster and Cost Effective
  • Power supply 120 VAC to 12 volt system
  • Completely Automatic Press a button and walk way. A buzzer indicates completion of service 
  • Service Time Less than 10 mintues for most vehicles
  • No Need for additional N2 Purity Tester Percentage of N2 in tires displayed at the end of each service on panel.
  • Manual fill feature Allows for top off or quick manual 2 inflation
  • Low Maintenance Pre Filters protect sieve towers, indicator signals when to change filters
Easy 8-Step operation
  1. Connect shop air supply to Nitrogen Generator (minimum 120 PSI) and plug into 120 VAC outlet
  2. Turn ON Power (button located at the top center of Face Panel) this will start a 15 second CALIBRATION cycle, you will then see -2500 Calibration is Complete
  3. Push the START 2 CHARGE button the Generator will immediately start producing 2 and storing 98.0 to 99.8% N2 in 20 gallon storage tank.
  4. Connect 4 to 6 hoses to vehicle's tire valve stems
  5. Select tire Pressure by pressing the arrows UP or DOWN
  6. Press START SERVICE button
  7. In Just a few short minutes, a buzzer will sound, the SERVICE IS COMPLETE light will illuminate. Press the PAUSE button to stop the buzzer sound. The percentage of 2 in the tires will display in the left window
  8. Disconnect all hoses. Service is now Complete
WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals including lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


  • N2 Purity 98.00 - 99.8% (94% minimun in tires)
  • N2 Output 10 CFM
  • Power Source 120 VAC
  • Temperature Range -15° F to 160° F
  • Internal 2 Storage Tank 20 Gallons
  • Tires Inflated 1 - 6 (4 hoses included)
  • Weight 181 lbs w 4 hoses
  • Dimensions 23.5"W x 48"H x 29"D



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JDL Tech N2-Flow 6000 Nitrogen Tire Inflation System