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MIDTRONICS GR8-1200AMP 12 Volt Diagnostic Conductance Charger

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Battery Charger and Diagnostic Station

MIDTRONICS GR8-1200 AMP 12 Volt Diagnostic Conductance Charger

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MIDTRONICS GR8-1200 AMP 12 Volt Diagnostic Battery Charger and Tester.

Part Number: GR8-1200AMP  

The Midtronics diagnostic chargers offer an efficient and interactive process to identify bad batteries quickly and recharge good ones faster. Their unique technology ensures speedy battery replacement, maximizing service efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

The GR8 Series Battery and Electrical Diagnostic Stations feature a multitasking bridge, allowing you to charge one battery while diagnosing others. This all-in-one diagnostic station is compact and ideal for busy shops with limited space. The contoured rolling cart with detachable controller and optional integrated printer offers maximum flexibility for customer consultations. The GR8-1200 Multi-tasking Battery and Electrical

Diagnostic Station is a complete and expandable diagnostic solution that lets you perform battery and electrical diagnostics on other vehicles while charging one battery. Simply connect the test clamps, and if the battery needs charging, the GR8 takes over. The Multi-tasking Bridge provides LED and audible alarms, and you can wirelessly send the results to the controller to view or print.


GR8 Diagnostic Charger With Built-In Cart, Removable Controller, Wireless Multi-Tasking Unit , Two Serial Cables, 6-Ft Charging Cables, 10-Ft Test Cables, Amp Clamp, Lead Stud Adapter.


  • Improve Customer Satisfaction |
    • Reduce and eliminate no-start situations by making sure the battery and electrical system are in working order during preventative maintenance work
    • Quickly fix battery problems in one visit... every time
  • Improve Bottom Line |
    • Eliminate costly replacement of good batteries
    • Free technicians for more profitable tasks
    • Get the most from your diagnostic investment by multi-tasking
    • Recover batteries quickly & eliminate wasted time trying to charge bad batteries
    • Combined capabilities: quickly resolve and service any electrical problem
  • Flexible Design for Maximum Service Garage Utility |
    • Integrated, roll-around cart design puts the controls at the user’s level
    • Removable controller design provides flexibility and isolates key electronics away from the heat associated with battery charging
    • Provides service and repair flexibility
    • Quick connect removable test cables and charging cables for maximum service flexibility
  • Advanced Communications |
    • Large back-lit graphical screen
    • Full alphanumeric keypad including hot keys
    • USB port
    • Data card reader/writer for simple in-field upgrades and data storage
    • Optional integrated printer (Sold Separately)

Wireless Multi-Tasking

  • Multi-tasking means having full electrical diagnostics available for other vehicles while another diagnostic charger function is in process. When a battery is discovered that needs charging, simply connect the charger clamps and the diagnostic charge engine will complete the job. Remove the controller to perform electrical diagnostics on other vehicles while the charging/ power supply functions are already in use. When the charging session is done, you can upload the session results wirelessly from the diagnostic charge engine to the controller for review or printing.

Maximum Service Flexibility

  • Combines full EXP and GR8 functions with wireless multi-tasking to provide the maximum flexibility and efficiency. Allows the user to quickly and easily perform all battery and electrical diagnostics.

EXP Battery And Electrical Diagnostic Capability:

  • Dynamic Conductance Battery Testing Technology | Combines direct temperature measurement with deep scan technology to improve diagnostics
  • Advanced Electrical System Diagnostics Featuring Digital Signal Processing (DSP) | Provides the ability to analyze the amplitude level and frequency of the ripple pattern for improved accuracy and identification of open or shorted diodes and open-phase conditions
  • DMM Functionality for Advanced Diagnostics | AC/DC Volts, Volts/Amps mode, Temperature, Ohm meter, AC/DC Amps, Scope mode, Diode test
  • Patented Conductance Cable Drop Test | Interactive test routine using dual cable sets for more effective analysis of voltage drop across ground circuit, starter system and alternator system, or more generic system testing
WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals including lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Model: GR8-1200 AMP

  • Includes EXP controller, GR8 Diagnostic Charger with built-in cart, Wireless Multi-tasker, (2) Serial Cables, Charging Cables, 10’ Test Cables, Amp Clamp, Stud Adapters


  • 12 volt batteries
  • 12+24 volt charging systems

Battery Test Leads: 10’ removable with Kelvin clamps

Charger Leads: 6’ removable Heavy Duty Kelvin Charge Clamps

Display: 128 x 64 pixel graphics, backlit display

Battery Test Range For 12 volt batteries:

  • 100-3000 CCA
  • 100-3000 CA
  • 100-3000 MCA
  • JIS by Number
  • 100-1000 A (DIN)
  • 100-3000 A (SAE)
  • 100-1000 A (IEC)
  • 100-3000 A (EN)

Charging Voltage: Up to 17 volts, 0.1V resolution (12 volt batteries)

Charging Current

  • 0-60 amps, 1 amp resolution
  • 80 amps peak
  • 245 amps for cranking assistance (jump start)

Temperature Measurement

  • EXP IR Sensor: -20 – 200 F
  • Charger Clamp Sensor: -20 – 200F

Power Inputs: (charger): 110V, 60 Hz, 15-amp dedicated circuit

Operating Temperature: 32 F – 120 F (0 – 49 C)

Charger CUL Listed


  • English
  • French Canadian
  • Spanish

Actual Weight:- 120lbs

Size:- 42(H) x 30(W) x 30(L)



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MIDTRONICS GR8-1200 AMP Battery and Electrical Diagnostic Station


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